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  3. 今度は彼女に幸せを -タイムダイアリー-

今度は彼女に幸せを -タイムダイアリー-

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"Why do not you download the topic diary app?"

Such a very suspicious mail came.
Although it was doubtful but it was just leisure,
I downloaded it as a trial.

If you do not get stuck, think about it you only have to erase it.
I wish I had been free today;
I tried writing such a thing for the time being

While laughing I wonder what I am doing
I immediately closed the app

But after a while
A push notification arrived from the application

"I was free too"
Who am I?

And I came up with
This is an exchange diary application so

There is someone over this
I like to draw
I was about to write a diary again

At that time I never thought of dreaming
No way it's such a thing happening ...

Which future will you draw?
Branch search type novel game
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