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لعبة سوليتير صينيه: ماهجونغ

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Jan. 2, 2017
العب الان لعبة التركيز المشهوره "ماهجونغ سوليتير" مجانا على متجر ابل
حاول ان تجد التركيبات المناسبه في اللعبه وستجد الكثير من المتعه في المراحل القادمه
هناك العديد من المراحل والتحديات في اللعبه
كما يمكنك طلب المساعده لحل اللغز بشكل اسرع

اللعبه عربيه بالكامل، ومسليه لمحبين السوليتير الصينيه
حملها الان مجانا من متجر ابل

Go on an exciting adventure of Mahjong Solitaire with the princess of Mahjong.
Enjoy the new look on Mahjong game, in which you have to solve all the puzzles and get it all solved

Go through more than a hundred levels joining together similar tiles. Each time do it as fast as you can, improving your result.
You can unlock additional hints through purchases inside the game!
* In Mahjong there are more than 100 levels of different difficulty
* Join together 144 kinds of tiles in 3 different levels of difficulty (in each update there will be new maps for all 3 levels of difficulty)
* Improve your result each time you pass the level
* Enjoy excellent graphics, rich sounds and free regular updates with new levels, tile sets and so on

The game is available in English, Russian and Ukrainian.
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