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토리 아르고: 포탈워


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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Dec. 20, 2017


2045 Location-based augmented reality FPS shooting game with the motif of the resource war between the earth and the resource supply planet.

Location Based Augmented Reality FPS Shooting Game ~


As a single player in the house,

In an operational mode to capture the portal and acquire resources outside the home,


Join the portal battle to experience both nose-quality dinosaurs and brilliant shooting effects.



What is The Portal War?

Earth expected a lack of resources and food. We thought that there will be a second Earth according to the theory of parallel universes. After our 20 years of research on portals based on worm holes, we succeeded to create portals on the second Earth, NP5004K47R, the planet for survival of humankind in 2045.

After that, air resources to stabilize the atmosphere (such as oxygen for humankind to be able to breathe, nitrogen, etc.), water resources and food resources started to be supplied to the world by thousands of portals.
However there was a side effect that humankind never thought about, which was an exhaustion of resources and food problems on the NP5004K47R planet. Same as the ones on Earth.

That's why all the resource wars on Earth and NP5004K47R broke out through many portals to take each other's resources for their survival.
To supply and demand the military for protecting the portals in sending resources, they successfully restored dinosaurs and mega insects (which had the highest viability and destructive power in the past) with stem cells and gene manipulation on Earth. They then utilized them as portal defense troops by training and controlling them.

However, the same process was happening on NP5004K47R based on the theory of parallel universes...
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