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Lowest price: Free — Release date: April 3, 2017
"For the first time to open the game, please allow" use of data ", otherwise the game does not work properly.
Candy Meng Meng consumer music - 2017 the most exciting action to eliminate the game struck! Hundreds of millions of players of the common choice!
[Exquisite picture, cool special effects]
The history of the most beautiful the most lovely to eliminate the game! Dream sweet candy style, rich and interesting sound, refreshing smooth feel, bring you the highest quality casual interactive experience!
[Play rich, creative unlimited]
More than 50 new barriers to design, hundreds of well-designed level (continuous update), each hurdle are trying to bring you the ultimate elimination experience. In which the music is endless!
[Anytime, anywhere]
Do not have the traffic can play: open the phone, click the icon, happy imminent! Eliminate boredom, eliminate annoyance, eliminate the distance, in the elimination of music!
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