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Word Search: Latin Nouns And Verbs

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Oct. 10, 2015
Word Search: Latin Nouns and Verbs App is a fun and educational brain workout for the whole family whether you do the puzzle together or make it a competition! The app helps you practice Latin or prepare for the SAT/GRE exams.

This iOS app by @Reks can be easily CUSTOMIZED to meet different users' needs by choosing:

1. SIZE of the puzzle board
2. DIRECTION of the words: across (left to right or right to left), up, down, or diagonally.
3. WORD LIST: Latin nouns, first declension Latin nouns, second declension Latin …, feminine Latin nouns, …, food, gods, family, Latin verbs, first conjugation Latin verbs, … Perfect indicative Latin verbs …
4. To CREATE YOUR OWN WORD LIST (type in the words you wish to find)
5. NUMBER of words to find
6. LETTER CASE: lower or upper case

The Word Search Puzzles will:

*Improve your concentration
* Reduce stress level
* Increase your Latin vocabulary
* Expand your Latin grammar
* Improve your spelling
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