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Become a clerk at a small drinks dealer (Izakaya?) And do the muscular lady general's instructions!

Just cut vegetables as ordained by the lady general, simple work!

■ How to play
1. Choose vegetables from the box
(It is easy to choose vegetables when stirring)
2. When "OK" comes out, swipe vegetables down
3. Cut the vegetables as instructed
4. When you turn it, swipe to the right

I cut vegetables very much.

Advance the stage and cut various vegetables!
As the stage goes on, the shop is busy! The time limit will be shortened.
Please cut vegetables according to the ordinance of the lady general within the time limit, do not get angry! !

■ Recommended for such people!
· I want to play a simple game
· I want to kill time
· I want to get rid of stress
· I want to cut vegetables
· I like to cut vegetables
· I want to work under muscular ladies generals
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