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Lowest price: Free — Release date: June 15, 2020


"Battle of Thunder" is a MC pixel style, will battle and survival as the core gameplay of the shooting competition mobile game.The game currently opens three modes, which are:

1. Chicken eating mode: the escape game that has become popular in the global game market in recent years, where you parachute into the island to fight with other players on the island and live to the last.
2. Unlimited mode: the classic battle mode, through teamwork to defeat the other side, and strive to become the strongest in our team.
3. Survival mode: a retro biowarfare gameplay that keeps you on your guard against zombies and other scary creatures attracted by gunshots.

How to play:
Enter the game to select the game mode, the character class and then start parachuting.At the beginning of the game, everyone has the most basic supplies and equipment. Players need to use various weapons and props on the island to eliminate others!Players need to survive on the island, kill zombies and all kinds of dangerous creatures, collect all kinds of resources, and fight other players in a shrinking safe area to keep themselves alive to the end!

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