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爆笑!名言英語クイズ — 脳トレ面白ゲーム

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Sept. 10, 2018
Do you know this quote? (informal)

Paper than God. And hair too.
I 'd rather have paper ●●● God, and hair too.

I did not think she was going to be so much
I never ●●● you would get so bald.

I was the first time that I could not fall over your punch ... ...
I'm the first one ... to ●●● your punch ...

Tsuret yesterday I only slept real one hour because I
Gloomy. Yesterday I ●●● for only an hour actually, so it's gloomy.

It is not necessary at all to live and there is no use place, but probably it will help you with English proficiency and idea! I will be sure! When I think of planning or bang bang, if I tell my friends the English that I shouted, I will say "I'm playing tomorrow (this guy is a bad guy, but it is amusing)" in the circle Chatting, going out with a good sense of being in the group and feeling nice, when it comes to a good atmosphere Doiya face "Take off what you are wearing (Please ●●● what you are wearing.)" Or cool English Saying, but without being able to communicate, laughter is born and children are born, and I can send a happy life! Surely (I will not guarantee absolutely.)

▼ How to play
It is a game to answer the worm-eared part of words to be answered from choices.
Let's take full advantage of the knowledge of the student days and say it in real life with the doya face
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