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赛车 — 真实模拟体验单机洗车游戏

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Feb. 28, 2017
▶ Introduction to the game
"Racing game" is a simple and interesting casual game, Thomas drove his car to travel back, but the road covered with dust, the car looks very dirty, come and help him clean it.
▶ game features
"Racing game" is a very interesting children's game, let us go into the world of car wash it!
Baby, the time has come.
Customize your car, such as replacing tires and graffiti on top.
Choose your favorite car to give him the best car beauty.
This is a car simulation game, used to enhance the child's imagination and creativity!

▶ User comments

1. This game is great, the screen is well produced, the experience is also very good, little baby like to play, every day wrapped around the car

2. "racing game" for the development of imagination, the ability of children have a great boost, but also can help him master some small car wash, baby like.
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