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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Oct. 24, 2015
Improve the vocabulary skill using this application one of the best app for the improvement of the vocabulary & general knowledge. Do you want to Guess the vocabulary that how good you are in the vocabulary ? Are you good enough to guess a movie / actor / Kids accessories / Personality test / Sports / Music and much more ? If yes then this is one of the perfect game for you to guess your vocabulary . Start playing , start guessing the words using this well-designed awesome game having many categories & words collection for guessing it will make you busy for an hours. Select the category then play the Word sink game for the testing of the vocabulary .You can take the hints about the related words & letters .You will have nine lives in order to save the reading book man from sinking .Give good option & save the reading book man . Save the daily activity & also share it with your friends using face book. Totally game view & useful for all. Increase / Improve the Vocabulary .
++++++++++ HOW ITS WORK ++++++++++
Download this game just for once form the iTunes for your portable device & use it free without any wasting of money.
• Select the option from home screen it will show the "play - Daily - Face Book" option select the option of your choice.
• The option "Play" will ask the category selection from the list select category after selecting category it will go to the game view it will nine option for you to guess the words of the selected category - If you want to exit there is an option of exit screen & back button - You can find the hints of the word as well enjoy the animation of the reading man sinking & continue guessing the words.
• The option "Daily" Will show your daily work & collection .
• The option "Face Book" will ask you to login & share the updates with your friends.
++++ Features of the application
This Word Sink game is one of the exciting & useful game for the improving of the vocabulary. it will keep you busy for an hour's & also improve your vocabulary by guessing words.
• There is the following categories available
1. Personalities
2. Kids
3. Sports
4. Just Fun
5. Music
6. Places
7. Dictionaries
8. Business
9. Hollywood
• This application have a awesome/well-designed reading man sinking animation having good sounds effects. Enjoy this app & improve the vocabulary .Well Designed Effective.
• Using this game it will allow you to guess the word using awesome graphics effects
• A large collection of words of all the categories available & it will automatically update
• For getting more coins you can buy the more coins in order to contain guessing the word.
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