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Lowest price: $2.99 — Release date: Aug. 11, 2020


Solving the puzzle will change the end of this fairy tale.
Solving puzzles and telling stories
Introducing 'A Little Bird', an adventure puzzle game.

A shining bird appeared in front of the lonely protagonist who lost her family.
Upon reaching the village with the shining bird, a mysterious boy approaches and gives a letter.

"Abel is alive. But... it's turning into a monster."

The protagonist "ALB" begins a dangerous and secret journey for her younger brother. On the journey, ALB will encounter a variety of characters and choices. The choices are up to the player, ALB.

Three attractive points of A Little Bird!
1) Main story and hidden stories, multi-ending
Follow ALB's journey and enjoy the hidden stories of various characters and multi-endings that vary depending on your choice!

2) Adventure puzzles of various difficulty levels
Over 50 puzzles made with a combination of 18 puzzle elements! Challenge yourself! Oh... is it too difficult? Do not worry! There are also hints!

3) Beautiful in-game design and fairy tale book illustrations are ready. Take a good look at the fairy tale books. You can even discover hidden stories!
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