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Word Serene Swipe

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Oct. 10, 2020
Word Serene Swipe is a classic word search puzzle game. It has more than 5,000+ levels to solve, over 11,000 word to search, challenge the limits of your brain, you’ll never feel any bored moments as long as you try to play this addicting search puzzle game! With the beautiful music and wonderful background, just playing it once and you’ll not be able to leave it.
CHALLENGE YOUR BRAIN: sharpen and improve your mind by searching words!
LOTS OF LEVELS: more than 5,000+ levels and over 11,000 word puzzles!
RELAX AND FUN: for free, no time limits, no number of attempts limit, take your time and enjoy this games!
HELPFUL HINTS: use different hints to help you solve puzzles faster!
COLORFUL THEMES: change colorful themes and make your cheer up!  
Swipe the letters on the alphabet to spell words, you can swipe from 4 directions -- up, down, left and right.
Collect all the missing words in the top of screen to pass the level.
In this Word Serene Swipe game, you will play from swiping easy words up to bigger challenges as you advance.And the point is, it is for free and there is a big surprise waiting for you! How many levels can you pass? Come and try!
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