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Lowest price: Free — Release date: July 17, 2020


"Brave into no man's Land" is a classic by the mecha fighting vehicle and classic game mountaineering car combined with a new set of horizontal version of racing, mecha tank reinstalled in one of the single entry game.As the irradiated no-man's land becomes a zombie feast, in the game, you'll play our classic James Bond match agent, Stiffeman, speeding through a combination of your car skills and armed mech.Out of the hordes of walking dead zombies after!
Choose to enter the game, fire racing engine charge, to avoid the front mutation zombie attack at the same time, but also destroy all the obstacles in front of you to advance, including no man's land damaged buildings, our purpose is only one, is to reach the end!It doesn't matter if we fail, let's readjust the world line, go back to the beginning of the game, choose your invincible car, upgrade your equipment accessories, experience a process from weak to strong, and our purpose is only one, destroy everything to reach the end!Break out of a dangerous area where no one survived.
[Game Features]
1, the classic horizontal mountaineering car play, innovative hostile alliance car chase play, let you in the hail of bullets, feel the life of the Jedi exciting experience!
2. The classic heavy armored tank image created by the simple but not simple American cartoon style, coupled with the crisp sound effect and real physical impact effects, will bring you to the world of exciting car racing.
3, the new cool racing car, various high-energy accessories, new maps continue to update!Start with the parts and assemble your coolest combat mecha. The game is based on real physical features. The rich scenes not only increase the gameplay, but also allow players to experience the wonderful racing operations vividly.Become the top uphill racer!
4, racing can be upgraded at will, rich and creative levels waiting for you to challenge, now start showing off your cool car skills, conquer the most challenging terrain.Go after the enemy!
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