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Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Digital Deluxe Edition

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The Digital Deluxe Edition of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox includes the full game and a trove of 25 DLCs, including costumes, attachments, materials, and consumable items.

Offline single player
Uses DUALSHOCK 4 vibration function

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Trophies for Ys IX: Monstrum Nox Digital Deluxe Edition
Ys IX: Monstrum Nox
King of the Monstrums
Finish "Balduq Prison" by Adol Christin in its entirety by earning all Trophies.
Complete the map of Balduq.
Fields of Blue
Attain 100% of Azure Petals found.
Art Critic
Attain 100% of graffiti discovered.
Intrepid Tourist
Attain 100% of landmarks discovered.
Attain 100% of shops discovered.
Twilight Guardian
Have obtained a total of 2,000 NOX points.
Errant Millionaire
Have 1,000,000 Gold in possession.
Haute Cuisine
Unlock all 13 recipes at the Dandelion.
Reach max level with all skills.
Dressed to Kill
Forge an Ultimate Armor.
Golden Anvil
Forge Ultimate Weapons for all Monstrums (6 in total).
Seeker of Fortune
Attain 100% of all treasure chests.
Apex Predator
Reach level 99 with any character.
Culling the Herd
Defeat 2,000 monsters.
Lemures Exterminator
Defeat 1,000 Lemures.
Inflict Break 1,000 times.
Use Flash Guard 100 times.
Use Flash Move 100 times.
Use Boost Mode 100 times.
Use Extra Skills 100 times.
Zenith of the Grimwald
Achieve an S in a Grimwald Nox.
Conqueror of the Nox
Clear all Grimwald Nox.
Good Samaritan
Attain 100% of all quests.
Vanquisher of the Nox
Achieve an S on all Grimwald Nox.
Crimson King, the Radiant
Explore Balduq with the Crimson King as leader.
White Cat, the Nimble
Explore Balduq with the White Cat as leader.
Hawk, the Peerless
Explore Balduq with the Hawk as leader.
Doll, the Resplendent
Explore Balduq with the Doll as leader.
Raging Bull, the Unyielding
Explore Balduq with the Raging Bull as leader.
Renegade, the Cunning
Explore Balduq with the Renegade as leader.
Greased Lightning
In Time Attack, defeat the boss in 30 seconds or less.
Fleeting Mirage
In Time Attack, defeat the boss without taking damage.
Complete Boss Rush.
Debonair Socialite
Attain 100% of all "People" entries in your Journal.
Indomitable Champion
Complete Boss Rush without retrying.
Nightmare Survivor
Clear the game on Nightmare difficulty or above.
Banisher of Dawn
Defeat the ultimate Lemures, Vakh Medios (excludes Time Attack).
To Freedom
Begin your escape from the prison.
Adol, the Fugitive
Clear the prologue.
Monstrum Nox
Clear Chapter 1.
The White Cat's Melancholy
Clear Chapter 2.
The Feral Hawk's Fury
Clear Chapter 3.
The Doll's Search
Clear Chapter 4.
The Raging Bull's Treasure
Clear Chapter 5.
Monster Zoologist
Attain 100% of all "Monsters" entries in your Journal.
The Renegade's Secret
Clear Chapter 6.
Capriccio of the Prison
Clear Chapter 7.
Thus Spoke the Alchemist
Clear Chapter 8.
Monstrum Nox
Clear the Final Chapter.
Material Girl
Attain 100% of all "Materials" entries in your Journal.
I Would Walk 300 Krimelye
Travel a total distance of 300 krimelye.
Ambassador of the Dandelion
Attain 100% of Affinity with all characters.
Hermetic Bastion
Attain 100% of Ritual Relics enhanced.
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