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Immortals Of Aveum Deluxe Upgrade

joystick Platforms PS5 DLC
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gamepad Genres Shooter
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equal Also immortals of aveum, single player, FPS, shooter, action adventure, story driven, magic, cinematic
Lowest price: $5 PS+: $5
Release date: Aug. 22, 2023

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Immortals of Aveum™ Deluxe Upgrade contains the Ancient Relics of Aveum Pack:

- Triarch’s Wrath – can be equipped as either Jak’s red, green, or blue sigil and boosts critical hit damage.
- Immortals Ring – increases Shred against all three colors of magic.
- Ring of Rasharn – increases spell damage for all three colors of magic.
- Aristeyan Ring – boosts Fury damage for all three colors of magic.
- Bracer of the Colossal – bestows increased Armor and Healing Crystal recovery.
- Sky Island Gauntlet – increases Armor and Shield Health, while decreasing Dodge cooldown.
- Dresnyr Lens – increases Spellbreak damage and boosts the overall power of red magic spells.
- Lucian Chain – increases the overall power of blue magic and decreases the cooldown of Lash control spells.
- Vial of the Pentacade – increases the duration of Limpet control spells and boosts overall green magic power.

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