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Overwatch 2 — PlayStation Plus Mega Bundle


Don't miss out on the free Legendary Beekeeper Sigma, Legendary Art Deco Symmetra, seven Epic Skins, and five Battle Pass Tier Skips. This bundle is available for a limited time for all PlayStation Plus members.

This pack includes:
- Beekeeper Sigma Legendary Skin
- Art Deco Symmetra Legendary Skin
- Runner Sojourn Epic Skin
- Punker Queen Junker Queen Epic Skin
- Construction Ramattra Epic Skin
- Matsuri Kiriko Epic Skin
- Cassia Lifeweaver Epic Skin
- Amethyst Illari Epic Skin
- Rugby Mauga Epic Skin
- 5x Battle Pass Tier Skips

Requires Overwatch 2
An internet connection and moblie phone number are required, and your account must be linked to your Account to play Overwatch. Tier skips will not apply to any battle pass level beyond level 80 and will not unlock prestige tiers. Any excess tier skips you purchase past level 80 are banked and will be automatically redeemed at launch of the following season.
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