Epic Word Search Collection 2

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Lowest price: $3.99 — Release date: May 26, 2016


The Epic America Word Search - Celebrate the very best of America
- with fireworks!

The Epic Ancient Word Search - By Zeus, it's historic! Visit
Greece, Rome, Egypt and Stonehenge!

The Epic Animals Word Search - The furriest word search you'll
ever meet and want to tickle the tummy of!

The Epic Journeys Word Search - Fasten your seatbelt as you
travel in luxury or go an epic expedition.

The Epic Shakespeare Word Search - Friends, Romans, countrymen,
find me some words!

Each epic puzzle contains over 1,500 words, hidden in a grid that's much
too large to fit on screen! It takes many hours of gameplay to solve
each one. Scroll with the D-Pad or Circle Pad, then touch with the
stylus to highlight words.

Jump straight in and get solving right away with this fast-loading game.
Switch between puzzles at any time and share your progress with other
players using StreetPass.

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