Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3D

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Lowest price: $1.99 — Release date: Aug. 14, 2013


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Deep within the overgrown jungles of South America, a group of highly
trained US marines head out for their latest secret mission; to take
down the largest international arms trafficking cartel known as Fuerza
de Voluntad. Your soldier, Will is one of the experienced marines ready
to charge through the treacherous jungle environment in this long
standing heated war. Immerse yourself in this awesome military 3D
shooter as you shoot down enemy aircrafts, smashing through and
interacting with the hostile environment. Ride aboard helicopters and
tanks aiming to vanquish the entire cartel with the use of upgradable
weapons for a total military show down!

Complete missions through dense South American jungles with
destructible objects and environments

Tackle missions with different vehicles including helicopters, tanks
and on foot

Advance in military ranks for access to faster and more powerful

Hardcore first-person shooter with special 3D effects for a surreal

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