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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Lowest price: R$ 52,32 , PS+: R$ 44,84 — Release date: Feb. 13, 2018
Para jogar esse jogo no PS5, talvez seja preciso atualizar seu sistema com o software do sistema mais recente. É possível jogar esse jogo no PS5, mas alguns recursos disponíveis no PS4 podem estar ausentes. Consulte PlayStation.com/bc para obter mais detalhes.
'Você é Henry, filho de um ferreiro. Em meio a uma guerra civil brutal, exércitos invasores atacam a sua cidade e matam a sua família, sem que você possa fazer nada. Escapando por pouco do ataque, você pega a sua espada para contra-atacar. Vingue a morte dos seus pais e ajude a expulsar as forças invasoras!

• Mundo aberto imenso e realista: castelos majestosos e campos vastos, em gráficos de alta qualidade
• História não linear: resolva enigmas de diversas formas e encare as consequências
• Combate desafiador: à distância, furtivamente ou corpo a corpo. escolha as suas armas e execute diversos combos em batalhas tão eletrizantes quanto impiedosas
• Desenvolvimento do personagem: escolha o seu equipamento, aprimore as suas habilidades e ganhe benefícios
• Mundo dinâmico: as suas ações influenciam as reações das pessoas à sua volta. Lute, roube, seduza, ameace, convença ou suborne
• Precisão histórica: encontre personagens históricos reais e sinta-se na Boêmia medieval'

Modo de um jogador offline
Utiliza a função de vibração DUALSHOCK 4

É preciso ter uma conta para usar os recursos online, que estão sujeitos aos termos de serviço e à política de privacidade aplicável (playstationnetwork.com/terms-of-service e playstationnetwork.com/privacy-policy).

Software sujeito à licença e à garantia limitada (us.playstation.com/softwarelicense/br).

A taxa única de licença dá o direito de jogar no sistema PS4™ principal designado e outros sistemas PS4™ quando está usando essa conta.
Information taken from the official PSN site, with all rights reserved.
Trophies for Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Hardcore Mode
Hardcore Henry
Finish the game in Hardcore Mode.
'Tis but a scratch
Finish the game in Hardcore Mode with all negative perks.
Kingdom Did Not Come
Die for the first time in Hardcore Mode.
From the Ashes
Ensure the renewal of Pribyslavitz.
Renew the whole of Pribyslavitz without being able to read.
Make 2,000 Groschen a day from Pribyslavitz.
Friends without Benefits
Invite Fritz and Matthew to Pribyslavitz.
Arena Master
Get a complete set of armour from the Rattay tourney.
The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon
True Friend
Capon will succeed, even though you sent him off with a nasty rash.
Everything has to go according to Sir Hans' plan.
I Can Quit Anytime
Dice are most important, the rest will work itself out somehow.
Lord Capon's Ghost
Get back Capon's necklace without permission from anyone.
Ledetchko Revenant
Think up even more ways to haunt the Ledetchko villagers than the charlatan told you.
Christian Burial
Ensure eternal salvation for the wretched charcoal-burner, Lev.
Not-so-Christian Burial
Grant peaceful rest to the soul of the wretched charcoal-burner, Lev.
Band of Bastards
Track down the raiders who attacked the farm.
Chivalrous Soul
Persuade Kuno to attack the mill right away.
Pinky Promise
Keep your word at any cost.
Leave Jakey to consider the error of his ways.
Mercenary's Honour
Arouse the mercenary's sense of honour.
Game Over
The Ring of Bacchus made its way back to its original owner.
Lost Trinket
You're not the only one playing the Ring of Bacchus game, so watch out for the others!
A Woman's Lot
Rescue all the survivors.
Death by Splinter
Cause Henry a mortal wound!
Woman's Lot
Complete Theresa's story.
Bad Girl
Shirk your morning chores!
Like a Ghost
Recover Pavel's treasure without being discovered.
You had one job!
Drink yourself into oblivion with Ambrose!
See what Henslin has in his braies without being observed.
Full House Sinner
Have on your conscience every sin Johanka can think of.
Infernal Justice
The punishment fits the crime.
Angel of Mercy
Help save Johanka from the most grievous charge of heresy!
Cleric's Pet
Report to the Inquisitor all the wrongdoing going on in the province.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Platinum Trophy
Collect all trophies
Become addicted to alcohol.
King Charming
Be popular in every town and village.
Complete all quests.
Don't kill anyone during main quest line (except Runt).
Serial Killer
Kill 200 people.
Discover all locations on the map.
Win the Talmberg horse race.
Walk more than 50 Km.
Find all wayside shrines and conciliatory crosses.
Steal things with a total value of 30,000 Groschen.
Level Cap
Reach maximum level.
Don't sleep for two days and nights.
Carry out 100 combos in combat.
Kill 50 enemies with headshots.
Save 2000 Groschen by haggling.
Hoard 5,000 Groschen.
Spend three days in prison.
David Horak
Collect 10,000 herbs.
Win 1,000 Groschen in the dice minigame.
Blacksmith's Son
Complete the first quest.
Save Theresa from the Cumans.
Join Sir Radzig's garrison.
Be stuffed to bursting for two days.
Save Lord Capon from the Cumans.
Save Ginger from the bandits.
Kill Runt.
Become a monk.
Find out who your real father is.
Conquer the enemy camp in Vranik.
Complete all Optional Objectives in Siege quest
The End
Complete the main story line.
Get jailed in Skalitz.
Get drunk with Father Godwin.
Starve for three days.
Plague Doctor
Heal all the sick in Merhojed.
Court Theresa.
Court Lady Stephanie.
Betray your friends in the Gallows Brothers quest.
Find out about Erik's past.
Master Huntsman
Become the Talmberg Huntsman.
Robber Baron
Complete Robber Baron quest.
Sabotage all three executions.
Bad Trip
Dance with the Devil.
Stay celibate and complete the entire game as a virgin.
Read twenty books.
Edward Kelly
Brew fifteen types of potion
Stealth Killer
Kill twenty enemies by stealth
Bag fifty game animals.
Level up Speech to maximum.
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