Blackjack 21

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Lowest price: $0.25 — Release date: June 23, 2016



Do you like Blackjack? Tired of half-baked Blackjack video games? Would
you like to truly simulate the experience of Casino Blackjack? Then
Blackjack 21 is the game for you!

Blackjack 21 is a true Blackjack simulator. Featuring a visually
appealing Blackjack game that actually follows every casino rule to give
you a realistic experience.

Exactly like the Blackjack inside a casino, Blackjack 21 includes all
the rules from dealer soft 17s to increased payback when you get a
blackjack! Split, surrender, double down and everything else you do in
real Blackjack is simulated within Blackjack 21.

Why settle for a sub-par Blackjack video game? Get the real deal, get
Blackjack 21!

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