The Legend Of Evil

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Lowest price: $5.59 — Release date: Oct. 19, 2018


With two main modes, enjoy countless hours exploring, destroying and
corrupting the world of humanity in this strategic tower offense!

Campaign Mode:

• Play as Bill, as he triumphantly carries out his duties to destroy

• Build towers to summon procedurally generated demons that will unleash
devastation on your enemies.

• Discover new demons and unlock new tower upgrades throughout your
quest to bring about the apocalypse!

• Overcome obstacles and challenges by utilizing your demon's unique

Rogue Conquest Mode:

• Different every time you play!

• Build an adaptive strategy and think on your feet to combat the
constantly changing human scourge.

• Use unique demons each with their strengths, weaknesses and special

• Experiment with endless combinations by fusing demons together.

• Meet exciting and new enemies and bosses of all sizes.

• Manage your resources while carefully balancing risk and reward.

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