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Moorhuhn Wanted

Moorhuhn Wanted

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Lowest price: $4.99 — Release date: Sept. 27, 2018



Howdy partner! Welcome to the Wild West, where lawlessness has broken
out in GUN CITY. Trigger-happy desperado chickens have chased the
righteous sheriff out of town. Nothing and no one are safe in this
once-peaceful city. You're the new sheriff in town and must restore law
and order by taking out these renegade chickens.

NEW in version 2.0

• From now on you can hunt the chickens with the motion control of the

• The extended key assignment supports right- as well as left-handers to
achieve higher scores.

• We've also fixed some bugs and made further optimizations.

In each of the three levels, the aim is to hunt as many chickens and
collect as many points as possible in just 90 seconds. But be careful —
the desperados shoot back! If you get shot three times, the game is
over. If you shoot the wrong chicken or the wrong item, points will be
deducted. Not only do you have to be accurate, but you also have to
complete certain tasks in order to progress to the next level. Which
tasks? You have to find that out for yourself!

Level 1: On the prairie

The first level takes place on the prairie. There's a torture stake,
boxes, bottles, a prison and a bench. If you shoot off the prison's
lock, a robber chicken will come out and try to rob the bank. To get to
the next level, you have to reach at least 350 points, shoot the torture
stake and ...

Level 2: In the Canyon

In the second level, you are in front of GUN CITY, which can already be
seen in the background. You’ll also see a fisherman in his boat next to
a tent, a farmer next to a crate of potatoes and a gold-seeker on his
claim. To reach the next level, you have to reach at least 350 points,
spruce up the canyon a little bit and ...

Level 3: In GUN CITY

In the city, there are many buildings, a gallows and many chickens.
Destroying the buildings’ windows makes enemies appear. There are lots
of surprises in this level, so you’d better get moving in order to find
all those hidden points.


• Joy-Con Speed — Choose one of three speed settings for maximum hunting

• Rankings — Beat your own top scores over and over again and compete
against friends and players around the world for the top position in the

• Fairness —There are leaderbords for each level for touch players and
leaderboards for players who play exclusively with the Joy-Con or the
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

• Tutorial and FAQs — Tips and tricks to quickly become a respected

• Online/Offline — Play whenever and wherever you like. No internet
connection is needed to hunt. However, you need an internet connection
to put your best score on the global leaderboard and see other players’

• Community — With more than 15 million games sold, Moorhuhn is one of
the best-known and most successful game characters. The chicken is off
to the Wild West again with Moorhuhn Wanted, a game developed
exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Join the large Moorhuhn community

What are you waiting for? Get the game and then go hunting crazy
chickens in the Wild West!
Information taken from the official eShop site, with all rights reserved.

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