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穴埋めクイズ For ハイキュー!!

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Oct. 16, 2014
The fill-in-the-blank quiz app on the light novel of the popular anime and games
"Fill-in-the-blank quiz for Haikyu!!" is finally!

In the "fill-in-the-blank quiz for Haikyu!!", we offer a fill-in-the-blank quiz of 200 questions and more from anime!
It has questions to another difficulty Quiz As you can enjoy up to those of mania from the beginner, it's set so that the same problem is less likely to occur. Element is full of crowded Yari so we offer a medal depending on the conditions each correct answer a quiz, such as whole problem domination!
You will be able to enjoy the world of "Haikyu!!" to fully even those who saw only anime.

We will continue to add at any time quiz on the theater version of the public plan in recent years.

"Fill-in-the-blank quiz for Haikyu!!" is compatible with Game Center, you can compete and points users nationwide.

In addition, problems that will appear on the exam at a time is a total of 10 questions.
(Intermediate × 2, Beginner Senior You can 1pt acquired in, 20-30 seconds 2pt in, 15-20 seconds 3pt at, 10-15 seconds 4pt in, 5-10 seconds 5pt in 0-5 seconds response time × 3).

Also, 50pt, 100pt, 150pt, you can earn as a bonus 100pt each When you answer questions 8 or more "beginner", "intermediate", "advanced" and "all the problems".

Available market share tool Twitter, facebook, such as LINE.
Full support to iOS7.
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