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【The No.1 Landlord Online - Everyone's Favorite Landlord Game】
。Play as guest, no registration required
。Rated 5 stars by our players
。Over 32 million players worldwide, join tables in no time
。Play free: Get as much as 1500 chips to start out with

= Features =
。Authentic Landlord gameplay
。Over 32 million players - tap twice and you're in
。New reconnect function - bet with confidence
。Bigger and clearer graphics
。Loads of achievements and prizes
。Never go bankrupt: always get more chips so you can continue to play!

= What’s New =
。Landlord tournaments (Realtor, Tycoon, Magnate)
。Various new modes give you an awesome gaming experience

= Additional Notes =
。You can use your existing GodGame, Facebook, or Yahoo account to play
。Coins in this game can never be redeemed for real money, goods, or any other item of monetary value.
。User performance in this app is no indication of user performance or skill in genuine gambling.

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