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Wordflowx: Word Search Game

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Lowest price: Free — Release date: Jan. 16, 2020
New word connect game play! Challenge with the players all around the world. A brand-new word search game design, all puzzles are free to play.
Be quick on word connect and collect the stars.

If you play word games like WOW and Word Connect, you will love WordflowX very much.
Challenge your focus and sharpen the connection between your fingers and brain while you race against time.

Test your spelling proficiency and concentration and spelling skills against time limits!
Train your brain with this amazing word games and have great fun with fabulous brain challenges.
Become expert level by level.
Can you find the all before time is out? Use hints once you get stuck. Try to be a dash game master.

WordFlowX is completely free to play, but you can buy some in-game items such as extra lives and extra coins if you need.

*How To Play *
- Connect letters before the time expires
- If you get stuck,
Use “the hint” powerup to reveal a letter.
Use “the change the word” powerup to try a new word search
Use “the fill the timer” powerup to reset your timer to full time
Use “the pause” powerup to pause the timer
- find all the words to finish the level
- Sound easy? But hard to challenge!

**What's Inside**
-- Beautiful and bright design
-- Moderate number of visual and sound effects
-- Hundreds of words to improve your vocabulary
-- Challenging word search on hexagons
-- Challenging levels to practice your brain and fingers coordination

*** Why WordFlowX? ***
* It’s free to play.
* Sharpen your focus and challenge your brain.
* Play this brand-new gameplay with beautiful UI design and challenging word search puzzles.
* Fun and easy to use for word games lovers.
* Earn coins and use them to buy new powerups.
* Spinner has many gifts including free coins, hints, time refills and other powerups
* Wordflowx has the the easiest gameplay in word games but it is hard to master!

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Do you enjoy Word Search games? Do you like brain training? Here comes the perfect word connect challenge for you:
Download and have fun with WordFlowX. Let the words flow!
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