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Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Awakens

Lowest price: $2.99 PS+: $2.99
Release date: July 1, 2020

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joystick Platforms
trophy Trophies
play_circle Videos
gamepad Genres Role_Playing_Games
group Local CO-OP 4 players
timer Playtime Main Story 1h 56m Main + Extra 2h 12m Completionist 3h 45m
globe Other regions

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"As threats roar to life beneath the jungle canopies, it’s up to you to save these leafy lands. Takeon new missions, battle new mobs, and fight the mighty Jungle Abomination!
Only you can fight back against the snarling overgrowth to free this distant jungle from amysterious power. The path is perilous – new foes and dangerous puzzles wait in the shade.Find new armour, weapons, and artifacts as you seek to uproot the source of the wickedcorruption: the Jungle Abomination."
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