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Rolling Gunner + Over Power

joystick Platforms PS4
star Ratings 89 Metacritic Metacritic
subtitles Subtitles EN
play_circle Videos
gamepad Genres Shooter
globe Other regions
equal Also Rolling Gunne, ローリングガンナー, rolling gunner
Lowest price: $8.99 PS+: $8.99
Release date: April 1, 2022

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Rolling Gunner and the Over Power DLC all in one edition! Enjoy both the tried-and-true bullet hell experience of the original game and the added features of the twin-stick Over Power mode. You can even compete for high scores online for the very first time.

In Rolling Gunner, you are humanity’s last hope in the defence against the now-sentient computer system BAC that is powering and controlling nearly all of the world’s engines and the planet’s population has been reduced by half. Take flight in the space craft RF-42R STORK which carries the Rolling Gun, a special weapon that was built in secret to fight against BAC in the event of a crisis.
Rolling Gunner is a tough but rewarding bullet hell Shoot ‘em Up where precise play lets you climb the leaderboards. In addition, you can refine your skills in practice mode and save replays to truly analyse and master the game.

• Pick one of three STORK spaceships, each with unique attributes and firing patterns
• Navigate across six stages blanketed in a hail of bullets from an unceasing onslaught of enemies and screen-filling bosses
• Varied difficulty modes offer the best experience for every skill level
• Climb the global online leaderboards and keep the challenge going, even after beating the highest difficulty
• The Replay feature lets you analyze your last attempts and Training Mode helps you master the Rolling Gun and the different stages
• Beautifully animated cutscenes and a superior, energetic soundtrack by COSIO marry the gameplay and story perfectly

The Over Power DLC can best be described as a super expansion, turning the bullet-hell shooter into an even more frantic twin-stick shooter, with a new control scheme and even a new soundtrack, creating a completely different experience that can be selected from the main menu. The titular Rolling Gun can now be moved independently from the ship with the right stick to destroy enemies and projectiles with more precision and a buster beam gun and rechargeable plasma shield are added to the arsenal. Much needed upgrades to the STORK spacecraft as players will find themselves confronted with a ton of additional enemies and projectiles in Over Power.
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