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The Kaiseki Deluxe

joystick Platforms PS4
trophy Trophies
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gamepad Genres Action Casual Adventure
globe Other regions
equal Also kaiseki, epic, adventure, unique, spear, destiny, medieval, dragon, horse, boss
Lowest price: $4.61 PS+: $3.49
Release date: May 3, 2022

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Includes two titles: Spear of Destiny: The Kaiseki and Sword of Fortress: The Onomuzim.

- Spear of Destiny: The Kaiseki

This fantastic ancient world has been Invaded by powerful enemies who rule in the dark. Several centuries have passed since Light's Lords defeated them with the spear of destiny.

- Sword of Fortress: The Onomuzim

Many a century ago in a land far away a mighty King created everything around him. One day, one of his main members made a rebellion in the kingdom with several followers to take the king's throne and rule in his place. This was the beginning of the most epic struggle between good and evil seen in this kingdom.
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