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The Ronin Deluxe

joystick Platforms PS4
mic Audio JA EN
subtitles Subtitles JA EN
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gamepad Genres Action Casual Adventure
globe Other regions
equal Also shadow, ronin, revenge, samurai, epic, adventure, action, japan, unique, sombra
Lowest price: $4.94 PS+: $3.99
Release date: June 7, 2022

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Includes two titles: Shadow the Ronin: The Revenge to the Samurai and Ashigaru: The Last Shogun.

- Shadow the Ronin: The Revenge to the Samurai

Dokuganryū, a legendary samurai of the ancient capital imperial was deprived and expelled from their lands, and all his family was killed by the orders of the emperor.

- Ashigaru: The Last Shogun

During the Sengoku period in the midst of civil war, the powerful Daimyos struggled for power and the conquest of the imperial capital. Shingen from the Takeda clan and Ieyasu from the Tokugawa clan fight bloody battles to conquer more territories and power.
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