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New Tales from the Borderlands: Deluxe Edition

Lowest price: $24.99 PS+: $24.99
Release date: Oct. 21, 2022

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equal Also New Tales, NTFTBL, Narrative Adventure, Borderlands, Gearbox, 2K Games, Pandora, Promethea, Octavio, Fran

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This bundle is included in Borderlands Collection: Pandora's Box!

Includes both PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 digital versions of New Tales from the Borderlands**.

Control your corner of the universe with New Tales from the Borderlands - Deluxe Edition!
This Edition includes:
- Both PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 digital versions of New Tales from the Borderlands
- Tales from the Borderlands Full Game: Play as Rhys and Fiona in this hilarious, heart-wrenching story set on the desert world of Pandora

Within the perpetually war-torn metropolis of Promethea, you'll control Anu, Octavio, and Fran on the worst day of their lives. It's time to fight back against corporate greed and make mayhem your business.

Decide the fates of altruistic scientist Anu, her ambitious, "streetwise" brother Octavio, and the fierce, frogurt-slinging Fran. With nothing left to lose and everything to gain, you'll claw and con your way through this thrilling five-part story!

The Borderlands aren't just home to Vault Hunters, psychos, and weapons-corp CEOs—they're full of downtrodden, intrepid civilians just trying to get by. With a host of returning and fresh faces, this unforgettable tale is sure to delight fans new and old.

The decisions you make determine how your story ends. Whether it's Anu's vision of a universe that markets more than weapons, Octavio's dreams of fame and fortune, or Fran's frosty plot for revenge—their success or failure depends on you.

**No cross-gen progression of save data. Both games are entitled to the same PlayStation® Network account.
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