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Dragon Prana

Dragon Prana

XOne Xbox X|S

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Lowest price: $8.99 Pass: $8.99
Release date: Oct. 7, 2022

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An evil king that threatened the world in the past becomes free from his seal after 120 years. The descendants of the heroes who saved the world have to stand up to fight this new evil.
However, will the world overcome the suzerainty and racial pride of humans, elves and dwarves to face this threat?

A fantastic retro RPG with top quality nostalgic pixel art and a game system worthy of modern times.

Battle with more than 20 classes that can be changed in combat and unlock boards to strengthen stats and learn special skills. The formations are also important to get advantages in turn-based battles. In the end, clear a wide variety of conditions in-game to earn high quality rewards!
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