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Vampire: The Masquerade — Justice VR

joystick Platforms PS5
mic Audio EN
subtitles Subtitles FR JA KO DE EN ES_MX
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gamepad Genres Adventure Role_Playing_Games
timer Playtime Main Story 5h 56m
globe Other regions
equal Also vampire, the masquerade, justice, vampire vr, stealth vr, vtm justice, vtm vr, darkness, blood
Lowest price: $20.99 PS+: $20.99
Release date: Nov. 2, 2023

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Become a vampire. Strike from the darkness and drink the blood of your prey. Use stealth, persuasion, and an arsenal of upgradable abilities to sneak past enemies undetected or punish the guilty in the seedy backstreets of nighttime Venice.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice is an open-ended, narrative Adventure RPG set in the World of Darkness universe. You have the power to strike fear into the hearts of a criminal underworld as an untraceable shadow, picking off targets one-by-one.

Shadows are your ally. Take to the rooftops and seek new paths away from enemy eyes. Use Shadow Traps to snatch up unsuspecting prey and drag them into Oblivion. Activate Cloak of Shadows and slip unseen through enemy defenses. In Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice, stealth is your weapon.

Punish the guilty with brutal abilities. Launch yourself towards opponents with immense force or boil their insides with Cauldron of Blood. Approach from behind and sink in your fangs to stock up on blood. Load your crossbow with special bolts to kill, distract or knock out guards from afar. Dish out Justice with a vengeance.

The dark skies of Venice provide ample opportunity to level up powers and build a character suited to your playstyle. Tackle side-missions away from the campaign to earn more experience. Convince NPCs to aid your quest, solve puzzles, uncover collectibles and test yourself with optional tasks in each mission.
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