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My Bakery Empire

joystick Platforms PS4
subtitles Subtitles EN
play_circle Videos
gamepad Genres Casual Simulator
globe Other regions
equal Also dessert, food, bake, cake, sweet, cook, eat, donut, kitchen, store
Lowest price: $6.39 PS+: $3.19
Release date: Feb. 23, 2024

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Learn how to bake delicious, mouth-watering desserts like cupcakes, smoothies, donuts and cakes! With your assistance as a cake maker, Lizzie will become the most talented pastry chef ever!

Take specific orders from customers and serve them with a smile. Make sure they get what they asked for, whether it’s cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles, donuts with colored glaze, or rainbow cakes! You’ll LOVE this tasty bakery story game, and here’s a little warning - it will make you hungry!

Have fun opening up many delicious bakeries, baking with Lizzie, and becoming a true baking professional famous for beautiful, tasty delights! Build your bakery business and immerse yourself in the aromatic wonders of a bustling bake shop with a hint of cookie jam sweetness!

- learn how to bake tons of desserts from so many yummy recipes!
- take specific orders from your customers and make sure they get what they asked for
- bake the tastiest dessert ever, from apple yogurt smoothies and scrumptiously delicious cupcakes to princess birthday cakes!
- make your cakes extra fancy with colorful cake decorations
- dress up Lizzie like the true baker she is! Give her a pretty chef’s hat and a cute apron
- show off your sweet bakery skills and win first prize in baking contests and cake fairs!
- help Lizzie open up a cake bakery… and then another cake bakery… and another cake bakery!

Cooking delicious dessert recipes in Lizzie’s kitchen has never been easier! Feel the cooking fever and help her bake the tastiest pastries ever!
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