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Drift Streets Japan PS4 & PS5

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equal Also drfit, street, japan, simulator, drive, driving, car, race, racing, auto
Lowest price: $9.99 PS+: $9.99
Release date: April 1, 2024

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A game about Illegal Night Street Drifting!
Nice Cars and Advanced Engine Tuning!
Most Realistic and Best Physics!
Most Quality Graphics!
Drive the Large Japan Highway with traffic!
Feel the Real experience, try to drift with a car cockpit camera!
High quality car's cockpits.
Realistic Engine Power Real Time Graphs.
Nice Scoring system!

+ Damage System
+ Added Forward Grip Adjustment!
+ Added Sideways Grip Adjustment!
+ Added SteerLock Adjustment (min 0*, max 60*)!
+ Added DriveTrain Adjustment! (fwd, awd, rwd) (F/R - %/%)!

Now you can create your own physics!
You can make a FWD car to RWD!
Performance Tuning: Engine Pistons, Exhaust, Turbocharging, NOS, etc.
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