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Tank Of The Month — Fv1066 Senlac

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gamepad Genres Action Shooter
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Lowest price: $9.99 PS+: $9.99
Release date: April 2, 2024

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A high top speed, outstanding concealment, and a long view range are the stats an active scout needs. Good news: the FV1066 Senlac has 'em all. Even better news: it also comes equipped with unique grenade rounds, for those moments when you're done scouting and ready to explode into battle.

Get the FV1066 Senlac in this month’s Tank of the Month bundle! You’ll also receive Silver Boosters and Premium Time for extra earnings and Gold to fine-tune your vehicles with everything you need.

Bundle includes:
• FV1066 Senlac British Tier VIII Light Tank
• 850 Gold
• 3 Days of Premium Time
• (10) x1.5 Silver Boosters

NOTE: All Premium vehicles come with their own garage slot and a mix of standard and Premium ammo.
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