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joystick Platforms PS5
subtitles Subtitles DE ZH JA CH PT_BR EN RU FR ES
trophy Trophies
play_circle Videos
gamepad Genres Adventure Puzzle
timer Playtime Main + Extra 4h 7m
globe Other regions
equal Also narrative, panorama, animation, fantasy, puzzle, dark
Lowest price: $12.99 PS+: $12.99
Release date: April 2, 2024

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Saviorless is a stylish dark fantasy action-platform game with beautiful hand-drawn art and animation, featuring two distinctive main characters on their quest to escape from a cursed land known as the Smiling Islands.

A cursed world to explore

Immerse into a deep narrative-driven platform with unique enemy designs and multiple characters with full hand-drawn animation. Enjoy an evocative and haunting soundtrack that accompanies the player through many mysterious and visually stunning landscapes.

Two playable protagonists

Experience dynamic gameplay that switches between two distinct characters with unique abilities and particular challenges.

Antar Child

Help the fragile and reckless child to unveil the secrets of the islands through exploration and puzzle-solving while avoiding the many dangers that lurk in the ancient ruins around.

The Savior

A violent masked avatar born to protect the children against hordes of bizarre enemies and bosses that haunt the land of the Saviors. Endure fast-paced ruthless combats against everything that stands between you and your escape from the Smiling Islands.
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