Swords & Soldiers II

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Lowest price: $9.99 — Release date: May 21, 2015


Sharpen your beard and groom your Axe! The 2D strategy hit is back,
exclusively for Wii U™!

The all-new Swords & Soldiers II is filled to the brim with gorgeous
hand-animated artwork, endless replayability and heaps of good old fun!

Command the rowdy Vikings, ingenious Persians and infernal Demons as you
conquer the epic campaign or face off with your friends in local

Join Chief Redbeard as he explores a beautiful new world and gets
dragged into a globe-spanning evil plot involving a mysterious lamp,
lots of roasted sheep and some delicious hot sauce.

Every skirmish along the way will present a fresh challenge. So if you
want to win this war you'll have to devise devious tactics using an
ever-growing arsenal of powerful units and earth-shaking spells.

Master the chill of the army-freezing Snowstorm, the dread of the
skeleton-raising Crypt and the surprise of the invisible Desert Stalker
to rule the world, in Swords & Soldiers II!

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