Ohno Odyssey

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Lowest price: $1.29 — Release date: Nov. 21, 2013


Physics Based Action Puzzle GameRescue The Ohnos

Ohno Odyssey is a physics-based, action-puzzle game that challenges
players to guide the Ohno aliens through 35 gravity-defying stages as
they roll on rails, jump and smash through obstacles, and zoom their way
to the escape pod for safety.

The Ohnos, a group of aliens whose malfunctioning mothership has caused
them to crash-land on Earth, are strewn about the planet; they need to
be located and rescued before they are discovered. The path to the
escape pod is filled with obstacles that each player must circumvent
using the tools provided in each thrilling level. The Ohnos can be shot
out of cannons, dipped in oil, and even set on fire to break through
barriers – all in order to safely guide them back to the mothership.

Ohno Odyssey is an extremely fun and challenging interactive
action-puzzle game involving strategy and planning over 35 increasingly
elaborate stages. The stellar action will be nearly impossible to put

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