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Park Beyond

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star Ratings 69 Metacritic Metacritic
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gamepad Genres Simulation
timer Playtime Main Story 15h 20m Main + Extra 22h 41m Completionist 99h 0m
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equal Also Park, Beyond, Simulation, Theme Park, Resource Management, Impossify, City Builder, Namco, Bandai, Limbic Entertainment
Lowest price: $19.99 PS+: $19.99
Release date: June 16, 2023

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In Park Beyond, you are the creative force behind a series of amusement parks, a Visioneer, a combination of a creator, a manager, and a designer. In your role as Visioneer, every aspect of creating, managing, and designing successful amusement parks will be under your control.

As creative lead of the park, you can let your imagination off the leash! Build wild loops and hoops for a coaster like no other to attract thrill-seeking teens, research exciting flat rides to appeal to adults, or pop down cheery, adorable flat rides for families. But, you can also take things to the next level with unbelievable modules that add unique pizzazz to your park.
Going even further, you can adapt the entire world to your imagination by using terraforming tools to raise mighty mountains for your coasters to summit or whip up custom ride scenery using the modular building system that can be grouped, saved, and duplicated for quick and easy creativity!

As a park manager, you’ll discover how to cater to your audiences and perfect your ride placement, prices, and shops to appeal to each audience. Guests will need to be supported by a specialized staff that you’ll hire and direct. You’ll also get to decide if you want your park to stay within the more grounded and realistic side of the theme park world or leave those limits behind in search of profits! Gain a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics of visitor enjoyment using powerful heatmap tools that will let you precisely tweak their experience to your benefit.

Finally, as the park’s lead designer, you’ll have limitless freedom to customize every aspect of the park. Decorate your park, create themed areas and enjoy the almost limitless possibilities of customization. Create a comfortable, cozy experience for visitors with graceful paths leading through fun and playful scenes that you can arrange using the thousands of themed scenery props available with the base game.

If you’re new to the role of Visioneer, you can learn as you play in Campaign Mode. Are you more of a Creator or a Manager? Your Cloudstormer colleagues will help you understand every possible part of making your parks work perfectly. You’ll team up with them to tackle parks in need of refurbishment and resist the schemes of Cloudstormer’s main business rival, Hemlock.
No matter which of these roles appeal to you the most, you’ll be able to choose how you want to play in Sandbox Mode, which can be adjusted to remove all limitations by giving you infinite money or turning off the need to research new rides. However, it can also make your challenges harder by cutting your starting budget or requiring that you buy every new plot of land you want to use, like the true theme park tycoon you are!

So come visit Park Beyond today - no matter which type of Visioneer you are, this will be a theme park experience you’ll never forget!
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